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April 26, 2005



Weather is driven by temraretupe gradients not high temraretupes alone. Hot water by itself will not form a storm unless the air above it is cold. it can form rain squalls if the air contains to much moisture, but that is all. it takes conditions where the clouds reach high into cold upper levels of the atmosphere to power a big storm. So large dangerous storms are heat engines driven by a large temraretupe differential between the ocean below and the stratosphere above.There was a plan written back in the late 60s to use the large missile busting lasers that were going to be put in orbit as part of the star wars missile defense program. These lasers would be used to warm up the input air to a major storm to where the temraretupe differential could be dropped enough to take away most of the storms power. Another part of the plane was to drop powdered dry ice (co2) into the hot side of the storm to cool it off again reducing temraretupe differential robbing the storm of its power.These things could have busted killer storms years ago but disaster loving democratic politicians like Jimmy Carter have prevented these live saving projects from ever becoming reality.

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