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June 20, 2005


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ENVIRONMENTAL LEGAL BLOGS: PERCHLORATE MAY BE ADDED TO PROPOSITION 65 LIST AS A REPRODUCTIVE TOXICANT begbjcSandwich">http://www.bnmachinery.com/">Sandwich panel production linel
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Yes, it applies to organic lettuce and milk too. Genreally the relevant fact is whether the water supplies used for the cows or crops are contaminated with perchlorate. If they use Colorado river water (which most of Southern California does from northern LA down to Mexico) there is probably some amount of perchlorate. For other areas of the state, it will vary based on the water source(s) use.

Stephen Holzer


Perchlorate is used in making, among other things, rocket fuel. Perchlorate waste in some cases has contaminated groundwater which, when used to irrigate crops/feedstock then is absorbed by the crops/livestock (and the livestock's milk). Whether the lettuce/milk is organic or not does not matter.

However, as noted in the June 20 Post, what DOES (or should) matter is whether or not the contamination causes iodine deficiency in people who eat the lettuce/drink the milk. As one of the previous Posts cited in the June 20 Post observed, there does not appear to be iodine deficiency in the US population because people in the US generally have plenty of alternative sources of iodine which compensate for any deficiency in lettuce/milk caused by perchlorate.


Regarding Perchlorate found in lettuce and milk, how did it get there?
Also, does this include ORGANIC cow and goat milk?
Does it also include ORGANIC lettuce, as well as other ORGANIC produce?
If not, then there should be a specification of what types of produce is affected instead of lumping all lettuce or all milk/dairy products into a warning or discussion of the warning.

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