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August 01, 2005


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The proponents of nueaclr energy are lying. They are more interested in maintaining cheap electricity rates at the expense of the planet's future. Malignant selfishness of the first order. Safe? Do an internet search for Chernobyl victims . Regardless of the claims, reactors are run by humans and humans (and their electronic minions) make mistakes! The cost of one of these mistakes is orders of magnitude greater than you can even imagine.Clean? Each year 2000 metric tons of high-level waste is generated which only adds to the 58000 tons already stockpiled at existing reactors in the US. Thus, we already have more nueaclr waste than can be contained in the Yucca Mountain storage facility even if it did have a license to operate which at this time it does *not*! There is *NO* proven means to render a significant amount of this waste inert on a large scale as claimed above and the vast majority of it will remain at dangerous levels for *thousands* of years!American? As recently as 2007 90% of the uranium used for US fuel production was *imported*! The ores in the US are mostly medium to low grade and comprise only the ninth largest reasonably assured supply in the world.Nuclear power is an infected bandage on a problem requiring major surgery. Its proponents care more about their own economic convenience than future generations and the health of this planet. Do *NOT* be fooled!

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