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August 08, 2005


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Recently sent board members a press relsaee for our next Overgrow the Government anti drug war rally. I hope to see members there and thank you for your help in ending the United States draconian drug policies.


Dose yourself somtmiee with V-8. Wait 3 hrs to fully peak, and then you'll know:Light Dose = 1 teaspoonful Medium Dose = 1-1/2 up to 2 teaspoonfuls Heavy Dose = 3 teaspoons (aka 1 Tablespoonful).. Once you know what your particular dosage requirements are, and you wanna learn to cook and bake with this magical stuff then, go check out my videos about doing just that Yay! Fun science is what THIS is so experiment a little and I know you'll be feeling better? soon


The reefer madsnes generation are hardwired with this propaganda nonsense.. This video helps to break down the misconception, especially seeing the Doc having a laugh, obviously stoned to me, but to someone terminally ill giving up hope because their belief systems are falsely based on scientific dogma that eventually lets them down medically financially and spiritually, the medicinal wonder plant cannabis that repairs DNA expands your mind and conquers pain at least looks like fun!.Thankyou


It truly ALL depends upon your midceal condition and physicality. However, someone just recently asked me that same question and yes, (I see it posted below your comment here) I answered it so EVERYONE would know the dosage lol.? Maybe I gotta make these things more plainly visible? Here, lemme give it a shot this time around. (Forgive me, I'm not really yelling 1 TEASPOONFUL = LIGHT DOSE2 TEASPOONFUL = MEDIUM DOSE3 TEASPOONFUL = HEAVY DOSEFYI: 3 Teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon


To clarify some things regarding the article by Detective Gregg Roberts.

1. As indicated in the comment by Glen Blerot, officers (and others) will encounter any number of molds in an average home regardless of whether marijuana is being grown. Marijuana does not produce molds, it only becomes a substrate for molds ALREADY PRESENT in the environment.

2. The toxic chemicals referred to, fertilizers, pesticides and steroids, are not exclusive to marijuana. They are found in every facet of cultivation, from broccoli and corn to flowers and tobacco, depending on the cultivator. To say they pose an unusual hazard to law officers raiding clandestine grow operations is akin to saying that traffic law violators pose an unusal risk to traffic officers due to increased carbon monoxide exposure. It's a given, and certainly isn't classified as an "unusual risk".

3. Marijuana growers DO NOT use Mercury Vapor lights, since they do not provide the necessary spectrum of light to induce proper growth in marijuana plants. Growers use the same type of lighting that lights up most of America's streets at night, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. No dangers exist to officers regarding Mercury poisoning from Mercury Vapor lights in grow rooms, since they generally do not exist.

Please, do not make uneducated statements about the dangers of marijuana. The waters are muddied enough with false information. ALWAYS research properly. Otherwise, you become part of the problem rather than part of the solution...and just another pawn of the propaganda machine.

Glen Blerot

There are hazards in any type of indoor growing, or where water vapor is present. Is this an excuse to keep it illegal? better shut down every house that is more than 10 years old because chances are, behind the tile in the bathroom is black mold, one of the most toxic forms of mold. So stop posting this propaganda bullish and start spreading the truth. My website is less than one hour old so update it regularly

steven holzer

interesting article... thanks for sharing!

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