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September 18, 2005



The pre-packaged food and beverages that we put in our boieds is laced with sugars either refined or in other forms like corn syrup and it has gone too far. I do not know if I agree with Lustig's assertion that sugar is toxic per se, but the habits we have developed over the past century (actually, not even) are what is toxic. And how fast food chains and restaurants treat their customers (dousing recipes and products with sugars and processed fats to make food/drinks taste better) is what is toxic. Americans have every opportunity to take their health into their own hands, mindfully purchase their own food, mindfully prepare their own meals and limit their sugar intake and most choose not to. I don't know many people who do not have that one friend who just absolutely cannot go a day without their umpteen-million Cokes or Diet Cokes (It's Diet so that means it's not bad for me, right?) Over-consumption is what is toxic. Sure, there is a case to be made for those who have not been educated properly about nutrition those individuals are the true victims but the rest of the country has the opportunity to stand up for them by demanding that more whole, unprocessed foods be readily available in both the marketplace and in the restaurants we frequent. I have been thrilled to see organizations in Memphis, such as Project Green Fork, Urban Farms-Memphis and the Memphis Farmers Market grow so quickly in the past year or two. These organizations strive to educate and horticulturally develop the local food industries in Memphis. There seems to be a domino effect of sorts when restaurants and food markets promote good environmental practices nutritional awareness always seems to follow. If Memphis can accomplish this, any city in the United states can. :-)


I have written a blog post for all ineeserttd. It is entitled, “Christianity and Pornagraphy, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality and Sensuality. What Do the Scriptures Have to Say About These Things?” Just type this or 777denny into any search engine to find it.Did you know the Great Whore, the Vatican (this is NOT to offend Catholics, but is rather about telling the truth. I grew up Catholic — I plan on making a blog post soon about ‘Mystery Babylon’), has misinterpreted the word “fornication” for about 1,700 years? Did you know that until about 50 years ago Vatican teaching taught that sexual intercourse between MARRIED persons was considered fornication? Did you know that if the scriptures are silent on an issue, then it is up to the person or husband to decide whether it is right or wrong? Did you know that if you judge someone for doing something that is not prohibited by scripture that you are sinning?Find out about all this and more so you can make an informed decision about the subjects in the title of the blog post.Thanks for listening, 777denny

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