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September 25, 2005


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1) Global warming IS REAL! But, man didn't cause it, and can't stop it. Besides, it rseerevd to global cooling in y2K.2) Algore's panic filled, socialist book is as you indicated- scare tactics. But, this is the guy who invented the internet (which was in operation before he was born). Do you really believe him? I don't.3) Global warming could have dire consequences. However, the planet has been considerably warmer in eons gone by. The problem, now, is, we have global cooling. Will there be another ice age? It has happened in the past, and, can happen again.Bottom line: Worry, all you want, about global warming, and, cooling. Man does not have power to control it. Throwing taxpayer at the problem will not solve it. It will only further lower the economy. That's what the socialist liberals want.

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