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November 18, 2005


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Oh my god, Elea, that is insane. I'm so sorry you had such a shit time with the meadiction you'd think the doctors would listen to you when you say, No, every time I take this my airways close up. Seems to me that's a crucial component of, I don't know, continuing to be alive? I could see them prescribing an anti-anxiety med if they thought you were having panic attacks, but TELLING you it was an anti-anxiety instead of lying to you that it was a muscle relaxant. How positively frustrating. Here's hoping they work it out. It's got to be so scary not knowing what the matter is.


Christy It's good to get a real testimony in here about the WAPF hoeadmme formula. I never made it (thankfully both my boys were/are excellent at breastfeeding and I've never had to interrupt it for any health concerns), but from what I hear your story is common. It's a bid intimidating at first, but soooo worth it and even easy once you get the hang of it.Patricia Yes, I've encountered that defensiveness, too, with a lot of women. I wholeheartedly believe EVERY mother is trying to do what's best for their kids with the resources they've got, so when I speak about other alternatives I'm in no way judging the moms who chose to do things differently! I wouldn't beat yourself up over the past. Seriously! I'm *amazed* you pumped for 9 months. I'm fortunate enough to work from home, so I never had to pump. I have nothing but respect and amazement for the women who do, and wonder if I'd have the same endurance if it were me.


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Larry Ladd

Error in my previous comment: It's regulators in New Jersey, not New York, that recommend a drinking water standard for perchlorate of 5 ppb based on the NAS reference dose of 23 ppb.

Larry Ladd

The NAS also recommended that a survey of perchlorate adhesion to proteins be done. If it turns out that perchlorate adheres more tightly to thyroid hormone receptors or defensins in the innate immune system than to the identified perchlorate target (the sodium iodide symporter), then regulation of perchlorate at the 1 to 6 ppb level is thoroughly justified.

It's known that perchlorate adheres to albumin in the blood, and thereby displaces small amounts of free iodide and thyroid hormone from that protein, before ClO4- affects iodide uptake in the thyroid. There is no measurable blockage of the sodium iodide symporter until perchlorate "saturates" the available sites on albumin in the bloodstream, but that -- rightly I feel --is considered a non-adverse effect. Unfortunately you can't be so sanguine about perchlorate sticking to thyroid hormone receptors (Dr. Thomas Zoeller's pet theory) or defensin (my pet theory). Until those two hypotheses are ruled out, I believe regulators in Massachusetts (1 ppb), New York (5 ppb using the NAS reference dose), and California (6 ppb)are in the right ballpark.

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