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December 24, 2005


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"Ah, although you aren't a ghost,you are also a small evil head."
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"Oh, don't be so stupid ……" Luo's madder is turned to make black smoke, and then appeared the sofa in Qin Dynasty up, on twisting a waist to lie into in his bosom, lightly said, "you are somebody else's all sorts of hardship to battle out of customer, to somebody else very importance, so, I certainly help you."
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"Break wind!Say, you exactly what purpose."
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Liu Chuan's hands match ten and towarded Qin Dynasty to connect to do obeisance quite a few bottom.The Qin Dynasty hurriedly pulled him, some in distress situationly say, "you say you, now that think with her together, don't want what face.In case that you said the somebody else sad and wanted not to open can the Zha do."
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"Qin Ge, Qin Ge!"Want in the Qin Dynasty that little fatty, Liu Chuan, suddenly found out him when grasping is crazy, smiled happily ground to pass to once he wrap soft China, " comes, Qin Ge, smoke."
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"Did your boy become rich?"Qin Dynasty white his one eye, push away Liu Chuan's smoke, " I don't smoke, you stay by yourself."
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Is this white flower a lilly.Thank you all for the Mother's day card,I had a woneurfdl day. Pops took me out for dinner and the rest of the family here joined us. We all went to the Outback steakhouse, the meal great.Love, Nana :)


Most of the oil is not being sucked up .Why don't they use Kevin Costner's mahcines???Separating oil from water.There seems to be something fishy about, the leak being ignored and only settling for sucking up partial of the oil.Is this another 911 conspiracy, is someone trying to break the back of our country??why all these solutions already talked about and none of them tried..BP will only change their name, the rest of the people will pay with their livelihood.

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Wonderful blogs, but about the last two paragraphs (mean I don't really understand. Can you explain it?


Well this law didn't help us in Long Beach CA, a landowner broke this act along with several others and should have received jail time. Owner even unearthed on an old landfill...next to a river very close to the pacific ocean. Our LB wetlands actually faces many battles. See www.caopenspace.org/loscerritoswetlands.html

After all this he is still selling wet lands

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