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December 28, 2005


Burberry Outlet

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this is used by protein hooenrms. Steroid hooenrms are fat soluble, so they actually enter through the cell membrane, attaching to a receptor site in the cytoplasm. The receptor brings the steroid hormone into the nucleus where it gives instruction for protein synthesis.


Everybody agrees that Kyoto is not the siltuoon, or even nearly enough to slow or halt climate change, even the protocol's staunches supporters. What that article does not point out is that the main reason that countries have backed away from Kyoto is that without the US on board - the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases - it is completely pointless. I would have no problem with the US and Australia not signing up to Kyoto if they were proposing something better, or equally effective, but they're not. All the US and Australian govts are saying is that Kyoto would force them to make cutbacks and implement legislation which would alienate their core voters and supporters (i.e big business) so they're not prepared to do it, because it would result in them getting voted out of power. In addition, they claim that the "jury is still out on climate change", when in actual fact the only reports which question the role of humans in climate changes are funded and run by the governments themselves or their lobby groups. Surprise surprise.Grrr.


In the late 1960s and 70s we had a string of cleodr than normal years. Most climate scientists were of one voice back then too, except it was 'global cooling' they were hand ringing over. "The next ice age is coming" they cried, "we're over due" they assured. Governments called for 'studies' on global cooling and the grant money flowed like water. Australian realestate shot up, schemes to combat the coming ice age abounded, one I remember called for coating the ice caps with coal dust to prevent sunlight from being reflected back into space.Fast forward a generation and we see a similar 'group think' at work . Weather human activity is responsible for all, some, or none of the warmer temps experienced in recent years, one thing is certain: Kyoto will do nothing to reduce CO2 emissions. The fastest growing emitters (China etc) are not bound and will never let themselves be bound. The de-industrialized countries of the former Soviet Union will profit from the sale of 'carbon credits' to the west. This was the only ' Kyoto plan' the Liberals ever had, spend hundreds of millions buying carbon credits.

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