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April 02, 2006



Your probably are not going to get them to stop sknimog. What you need to do is if they ever ask you if you want to smoke, say NO. If they are going to smoke, they are going to smoke, no matter what you say, so don't bother. Just say I don't want you sknimog around me, I don't care if you want to mess up your lungs, but keep the smoke out of my face.They will get caught by their parents one day but at the end of the day they are probably going to smoke for the next 10-20+ years anyway.The only way they are going to give up sknimog is if THEY WANT TO. Someone telling them not to is not going to do anything, so don't bother. It's their health they are ruining, just don't let their smoke effect yours.


Think of your skin! Then your bad breath. Its ok going outdsie in summer, I know all the bars in Dublin got outdsie drinking areas when the ban came in here, but in the winter, in the cold!!, getting up putting a coat on to stand outdsie in the rain, while trying to cup your hands to stop the ciggie getting wet! Is it worth it?


Well I just stopped smiokng, its been about mounth. What I did was I didn't make a big deal about it. I finished my last pack and didn't buy another one. I didn't tell anyone until they asked. Because I didn't want to disappoint people if I didn't quit. When I didn't have the pressure on me it helped me quit and I haven't had a cravings. The first day was hard, but I made it through it. Good Luck.


The problem is that you ceoisdnr yourself as a smoker not a non smoker . Don't know how long you've been addicted but it can be so hard to adjust to a non smoking attitude. I know so many people who have told me that its easy, just stop. Unfortunately some of us DON'T find it that easy. There is always an excuse to put off quitting. Try to look at your mental picture of yourself and see you without ciggies in different situations. Then think of ways you could cope/deal with things without the automatic reach for the packet.It may take a few weeks but give it a try. If you need support look at my profile and email me. I'm struggling too but finding i smoke less as i keep on with the above method. No longer terrified of being without and that is a good start.


I strongly agree with those comments. I'll give you an idea. banned those tobacco manufacturers. n_n

Ian Turner

polarchip, agreed. Smoking bans have been a huge boon for the hospitality industry, yet Tobacco has managed to coopt them into fighting these beneficial regulations.


Thanks for this type of quite smoking awareness campaign although I have never been addicted to tobacco, but I know how it’s dangerous and how it can effect to ones’ body. Those who want to quite smoking they can use chantix, I think it’s a good one.


If I lived in Northern Virginia, I would drive to D.C. just for the pleasure of dining in a smoke-free restaurant! (Non-smoking "sections" don't work indoors, it's like having a "peeing allowed" section in a swimming pool)

So far, the ban has been a huge success in New York and California (I have lived in both), and I understand people actually go out more now!

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