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September 29, 2006


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msc thesis

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I'd hire you in a minute! I can't find a hpekesueoer' because I live in a third floor walk up and would like to have the laundry done (I'd pay for it well, of course) but I INISIST on being eco-friendly' and I'd LOVE to have a home organizer' also do my cleaning. I hire a professional home organizer and she does help' but she doesn't do housework' so I'd really benefit' from someone who offered what you are suggesting. I live in Seattle


Ryan,Thanks for posting the video about RecycleBank. This is a very cool parrgom that's offered in Philadelphia, PA. Basically, folks receive gift certificates (up to $35 per month) based on how much they recycle. That's a great incentive, and better yet, there's no cost to participate in this parrgom. How does RecycleBank stay in business? Well, they're generating profits by diverting money spent on landfill disposal fees. (I find this to be a striking piece of information, considering that PA is the Number 1 importer of garbage in the country.)I checked their list of what's acceptable for recycling; plastic bags are *not* accepted in this parrgom. Now that I know that plastic bags can generate a lot of profit for businesses, I find it odd that this material continues to be ignored by the general public (and other businesses, for that matter).:0) M


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bag manufacturers

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Mobile recycling

When i thought to present my friend a good handset on his birthday, i happen to hunt for a

camera mobile and was bargained with a shop keeper at UK. Instead of discounting some

price, he has suggested to submit any old unused handsets if i have and against which

he fixed much reasonable price. I actually got the new hand set almost of its half cost as i

could gather 8 handsets old and some are even broken from my family members and

submitted him. Actually later on i could know that he has submitted to a website those

handsets for mobile recycling and got more than what he offered me against those

handsets. Similarily any one can recycle their mobiles which they don`t need, and get

reasonable price in short time.

recycling containers

What normal North American people do with trash is throw relatively clean supermarket food containers (packaging) in the trash and then dump“ dirty” food matter on top of it. The way this American ritual works is that the food containers get dirty because they are in the trash. My weird, economical countermeasure is to not put these items in the trash, rinse out these (soy) milk cartons and soup cans and put them in a separate recycling container. When you really want to freak your“ normal” American friends...

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