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January 06, 2007





Thanks Joe. I didn't comment on this in the post, but Markey made sure to ask the Ambassador if this and smliiar disasters would be a "threat multiplier for instability," presenting a security concern for Pakistan and compromising its ability to assist the US. The Ambassador absolutely agreed, and made the same points you did- that with millions of displaced people (and many who were already displaced by violence), there's huge potential for unrest, for the possibility of insurgent and extremist groups taking advantage of disruption, and for a drain on military resources that are needed on other fronts, with major implications for US interests.


I can't wait to see "Earth: The Operators Manual," I respect Richard Alley and have seen him many times on TV porrgams dealing with Climate Change and I enjoy his mannerisms while he is discussing what he has learned performing his teams' extensive research, especially with ice cores. Unfortunately, I don't see as many porrgams dealing with the subject lately and I wonder if some energy companies may be threatening to withhold their funding to broadcastng companies that produce science porrgams about the threat of climate change. Of course this is my own concern and not anything I can point to for "proof."Getting back to Richard Alley, I have read his "The Three Mille Time Machine" and found it a great explanation of the volumes of research that can be learned from the research on ice cores drilled down to near the bottom of the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps. We know so much about what the climate was across the planet dating back hundreds of thousands of years and what natural changes occured. Alley describes what is happening now that is different because of what humans are doing with fossil fuel use.I will not miss this series and hope to purchase it later when it becomes available.

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