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January 25, 2007



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Rug Cleaners

dry-cleaning machines can even be used in the State. It is not apparent, however, what chemical can readily be used in place of PCE.


A treadmill under 200 isn't worth the money.Most tmerdaills fold, but are not easily move-able(sprained my arm moving mine).For affordability try the American Express catalogs that come occasionally. Everything is sold in terms of monthly payments that are figured with no interest(sort of).Anyway, anything worthwhile is around $ 1200.You may consider NY Sport club or whatever its called in your state. Membership is about $ 60 per month for some locations.Good Luck.


Rating Quick Review: Very easy to assemble. Very light. The track is long eonugh to run on and is fairly quiet. It's not very wide, but it doesn't really need to be. It fit well in my very small living room. It folds up, but not completely straight. I doesn't have auto incline, but has a manual incline, which consists of a rear floor support knob, which you can see in the pictures. It has 3 levels incline about 5%, incline about 2%, and straight. The LCD is fairly generic but it controls the treadmill and shows basic information, miles, calories, speed and heartrate. Much Longer Review:Shipping: The package came by slow truck (CEVA). I ordered on April 21 and received item on May 6. I assumed it would take that long and Amazon clearly shows that time frame. I was called 3 days prior to setup a time for dropoff, so its a good idea to update your amazon account phone# with a cell# prior to placing your order. Two delivery guys brought the box and had it on a dolly and brought to my front door. They asked where I wanted it and I requested they bring it upstairs, about 20 steps. They looked at each other and agreed and brought it to the top of the steps. I don't think I would count on that, but the fact is they did it. The unit was well packaged with styrofoam and foam wrap. The box was dinged up pretty good, even on the corners but there was no damage to the unit whatsoever, not even cosmetic damage. Assembly: The unit is very light. In fact, my 10-year-old daughter was able to lower the box to the ground, and after I cut the sides of the box open with a box-cutter she was able to slide the unit out of the box (by herself mind you) and position it in its final resting place.The entire treadmill comes assembled and the upper supports specifically fold down for shipping. You simply fold them upright and insert 2 bolts in each side and the supports are done. The entire tray portion comes pre-assembled also. You actually have to unassemble it a little bit to uncover the 2 holes [on each side] that allow it to attach to the upright bars. There is a single electrical cable in the pole that controls the HR monitor and electronics that must be connected and is secured with twisty ties to prevent them from falling into the holes, which must be removed. The LCD has 4 screws (one of which was missing) and screws in easily. There are 3 quick-connect electrical connectors to deal with (easy) and that's about it. All-in-all there are 12 screws, and all aligned perfectly with no issues. All screws/bolts install with a single allen wrench, which doubles as a phillips screwdriver (for the 4 LCD screws [or 3]). The lower portion of the treadmill is completely assembled, and the lower frame is entirely attached. The frame has strong welds and overall seems very secure.The Treadmill:- It has a single on-off switch near the floor on the front of the unit, which a coordinated person can operate, even wearing a shoe. I turn it off when done, but the wife leaves it on. It does not care or beep or anything; It is content remaining on.- The power cord is far too short, I would say 4 feet in length, and I was able to find an obtrusive route for power, but an orange extension cord will likely be required (one with a ground).- The handles cannot be used while running, but work perfectly fine for a walker. Unfortunately the HR monitor plates are a little uncomfortable, as they are protruding a bit, and additionally only the right one is electrically cabled and working, so the left-side discomfort is all for not. It's not a deal breaker really and it monitors heart rate correctly.- The lowest pace setting is 0.6 and I would equate that to 0.6 MPH; I would say that setting is VERY slow. So this would be just fine for someone who wants to walk at a slow sexagenarian pace. My wife has a back injury and she started at the 1.2 setting. I found 1.8 to be a good pace for walking. I ran it at 4.2 and I thought that the unit held up just fine. Not too loud, but not silent. It was not bouncy or jerky at all.- The track is 48 x16 , and at 5'10 I find running to be just fine. I have good balance and good stride, but a spazzy runner might need a wider lane; I do not. I would not want it to be ANY shorter however. The track is adjustable side to side and has a simple procedure for alignment. You simply run it at 3.0 and turn an allen screw at the rear-left or rear-right 1/4 turn (it has instructions and a tool). I did 1/4 turn to move it more to the center and it hasn't moved since (simple). The track is not too thin, not too thick. I would expect it to hold up well for 200lb or less individuals for running, and walking it would last just fine for anyone. You will need some silicon treadmill lubricant, as this did not come with any and I can hear a little friction. I have yet to purchase any, however, so I can't attest to it making a difference as of yet.- For folding up, my 10-year-old daughter was able to fold up the unit to its upright position. The unit folds up at a poor angle (80 degrees maybe). It has a small pull out springy pin that locks the unit in place. It is a bit wimpy, but seems like it would hold. It's only on one side however. The locking pin mechanism is welded to the frame well. The front frame has 2 little wheels, so maybe you could move it while its upright. I haven't tried it.- LCD is very basic (black letters on grey). The angle is kind of poor to look at (too low). It has only 5 programs and they are not entirely impressive. My wife used a gradual up and gradual down program and she was manually adjusting it the whole time. I tried the slow-fast-slow-fast program and I found it to be entirely too much of a swing up and down and had to manually adjust it down in mid-stride. My wife tried that program and it ran her right off the back. I mostly use the manual setting. It can be programmed from to 10-90 minutes counting backwards to 0 (stop), or it can run up to 99 minutes counting forward.- I WOULD SUGGEST ADJUSTING THE SECURITY KEY LENGTH PRIOR TO USE AND TEST IT. The string is longer than the track, so you learn that lesson the hard way. That will prevent the running off the back tragedy . The security key is just a magnet on a string with a clip. It works ok, but the magnet is weak and my wife and I have both knocked it off unwantingly. If you remove the key during use it resets your whole program, and that's a bummer. It stops quickly when the key is removed, but not too abruptly.- The manual incline doesn't have much to be desired. It has 2 really small incline settings on the rear of the unit with a little spinner knob. Think of an oval shape with flat spots and you should get the idea.- Not having motorized incline GREATLY reduces the weight of the unit and that was why I bought it. I can't just move a 150lb item ever. But this unit is just under 100lbs and it is entirely moveable.Summary:Inexpensive (Wait for the sale/price fluctuates between four and five hun-dred).Name brand (2nd wind exercise equipment (Midwest) sells this brand in-store (new)).Lightweight (under 100lbs).Easy to Assemble (about 1 hour (with a 10-year-old girl helper)).It doesn't have 30% 1 star reviews like the other treadmills in this price range.Warranty is very short (90 days).This unit qualifies for squaretrade (insurance), if purchased within 90 days (I called). They will refund your purchase price, but I wouldn't expect them to fix it. I didn't get it. This unit seems solid to me (crossing-fingers).It fits in your little house or apartment.


Mr. Steam cleaned my 13 9 fakolti white rug with the appropriate techniques to prevent damaging the rug. You must be very thoughtful of who you let clean and what you use to clean this type/size rug as it is very difficult to clean without damaging-the 3 inch strands typically get caught in a vacuum and the cleaning agents cannot be too strong as they can damage the fibers, etc. The price to clean my rug was only $95! You cannot beat that! The work was done in approximately an hour and I am extremely happy with the results-my rug is back to white, it's fluffy, clean and still in tip top shape! I'd definitely hire Mr. Steam again. Customer Service was awesome-very friendly.

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