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March 13, 2007



REF.: I need your help, o.k, and I too for help the planet.Attention Mr Al Gore, and The Climate Proyect intutstiion .. Warm greetings. I'm Manuel Planchart, a Venezuelan citizen, a fan of innovating technological ideas and projects enthusiastic, I want to propose to you an interesting small restlessness or idea. Now, it is imperative to use clean alternative energies, because we are overwhelmed apocalyptic predictions (consequences of climate change and greenhouse effect), and at a time when the governments of most industrialized countries are forced to choose to encourage automotive industries to produce non-polluting vehicles, it seems that presents once again the great opportunity and ownership of electric vehicle on the planet. But it is well known that the electric car was the beginning of the automobile as a means of transport for urban society, (more than 100 years ago), but this could not be developed in time for the same reason that today impedes and limits final development and entry influx market, Energy storage and operating range. I think the tire industry has an important position to occupy in the development and market entry of the electric car, involved in the design and development of a special tire for electric vehicles, a tire properties and capabilities of the latest technology, capable of generate electricity at the time of rotation. In the tires of any vehicle that has a potential energy, its weight and movement of rotation. My proposal is to design a tire equipped with a flexible strip of piezoelectric ceramic material, integrated or attached to the inside of the tread so that the film (by friction and pressure), generate electricity, and via device collection (HARVEST) be rectified and stored in capacitors or batteries, this being one more way to feed or supply of electricity to the vehicle by increasing the time span of the crag of the batteries, (autonomy of operation). On the market for piezoelectric devices on and being very small electrical pulses generated from 17Kv. The new pneumatic power generator would be a real green tire, the tread wear her there would be discarded, the electricity generation device would stay perfectly useful allowing the tire recycling and renewing, thus finished with the tires at the dump. I ask you (to excuse me) orgive me because and I do not speak English and I had to do a translation. Grateful for your attention to my proposal, I am at your service as I have also an important idea and / or draft motor generator/electric high performance (efficiency and effectiveness much higher than today), which requires patents and develop, Now I greet you and look forward to your kind reply.Thanks, and Best regard. Manuel E planchart

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