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May 09, 2007



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Prepare for short term interuptions in conveniences but don’t become an outspoken fanatic. It only creates undue attention and sometimes makes the rest of us preppers look bad.


Denying AGW does serve many purposes for so-called cteanrvsoives, but I think those are just extra benefits for them, not the primary motivation for what seems to us like willful ignorance. Righties really can't handle complexity or ambiguity. (They wouldn't be movement cteanrvsoives if they could entertain more than two thoughts simultaneously.) If a scientific theory has more moving parts in it than a fence post, your average wingnut simply can't wrap their tiny mind around it. Climatology is about as complex a discipline as it gets, hence it can't be true, according to those weaned on Ronald Reagan's simpleminded bromides. Also, their attention spans are so short that the cold weather gripping Europe today completely drives the memory of Russia's record-breaking summer heat wave out of mind (if indeed it ever penetrated their foggy awareness to begin with).Even if an extreme weather event were to coincide with what they expect climate change to look like, I'm afraid that most of them would just attribute it to God's wrath over the repeal of DADT, or something.


While I would prefer NOT to diss potnliciais, many so called leader-followers' who are primary beneficiaries of the ‘first’ world’s political economy appear to suffer from what has been named a “nature deficit disorder.” Indeed, many too many leaders among us in the developed world seem to have lost touch not only with the natural world but also with good science and humanity. Who knows, perhaps the empire-builders and potnliciais and mass media moguls of the dominant, industrialized culture of conglomerates have become utterly mesmerized and generally misdirected in their relentless, unbridled pursuit of the golden calf. After all, we know that several hundred leaders, often serving on multiple executive committees and boards of directors in quasi-secret organizations like The Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations, exert extraordinary influence upon potnliciais and minions in the mass media through their billion dollar bank accounts. They manage the world’s interlocking national economies and direct the course of economic globalization. At least to me, these leaders (not the leader-followers') appear to be leading a charge that could inadvertently squash and utterly subordinate the sacred of this world to the profane . with potentially intolerable consequences for the future of life on Earth.At its current scale and anticipated rate of growth, the continuous global expansion of the world economy we see today may be approaching a point in human history when unbridled production, unchecked per human consumption and skyrocketing human population numbers could overwhelm the limited natural resources and frangible ecosystem services of Earth, upon which life itself depends for it very existence.Is it not the circumstances of unrestrained, human-driven “overgrowth” activities worldwide that need to change? Perhaps humankind is called upon to regulate the global growth of its numbers, its per capita consumption and its propagation so that we find a balanced relationship with nature and, consequently, give this marvelous planetary home the time it requires for self-renewal. In our time, people are dissipating more resources than can be restored by the Earth for human benefit.Or we could choose to stay the current “business as usual” course by maximally increasing production and recklessly dissipating limited natural resources, thereby causing economic globalization to continuously grow in a patently unsustainable way. Then distinctly human over-consumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities would commandeer remaining original wildlife habitats, massively extirpate biodiversity, degrade fragile ecosystems and, very shortly, engulf the planet. One primary concern of mine that needs not to be bound up in silence is that potnliciais, their billionaire club benefactors in the global economy and their minions in the mass media have themselves introduced a code of silence regarding what is being discussed in this blog and similarly situated vehicles of communication. They will NOT talk about in open discussions about one topic: the maintenance of the integrity of Earth’s ecosphere, its biodiversity and its natural resources. They do not speak publicly about good scientific data indicating that the current scale and rate of growth of seemingly endless economic expansion could become a patently unsustainable enterprise in the next decade of this century. Can you find public presentations by these self-proclaimed masters of the universe on the potential threats of biodiversity extinction, environmental collapse and, perhaps, human endangerment that could soon be posed by their determination to continue the unbridled, maximal extension of BIG business activities worldwide? Until now, such discussions as this one could not be maintained and, for the moment, remain marginalized from mainstream, mass media communication. Surely, the times .they are changing, thanks to people like John F. People are speaking out loudly and clearly, and being heard despite the deafening silence that still surrounds us.

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