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May 23, 2007



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Perhaps at this point we would make better stidres if we all got up and told Congress we won't accept THEIR terms regarding the environment. A president with a conscience has little recourse when Congress and the people as a whole are unwilling to act. I personally hope he never runs again, and not because I don't think he wouldn't be one of the greatest presidents we ever had however, just look at the system we have. The Citizens United decision by way of the USSC can now buy anyone they choose unfettered, and the Koch brothers have done much to move that along. So just how is he running in this system with a Congress already against him and people who are unmoved (mainly because of media) going to solve anything? When do we go into the streets? When do we take to the statehouses with one loud voice? As long as Americans continue to pump oil in their cars without caring as long as it is cheap and continue to watch Fox News on the whole, the American populace enmasse will remain ignorant. One man should not be tasked with the burden of changing that and frankly, that is a burden he doesn't deserve after what we witnessed before. It is up to all of us and I can't thank Mr. Gore enough for doing all he does, which in essence is more presidential than what any president has done to this point.


The world economy's are in a steday decline and need to get serious about recovery. I was thinking of sustainability programs that would use off the grid energy designs that I thought of for independent energy supplies to anything and everything with year round underground farming. There are also fireplace designs with a stone (sand stone) that hold the heat long after the fire has gone out and they can be used with pipes to heat the walls. There are also heat exchangers for when there is cold on one side they produce heat on the other side. I also thought of city living with growing food on the roof and top floors and product developments shops in the basement-like prototype machine shops-wood shops-glass shops-ceramic shop-you name it. They would have a display room for the products to the market program with their own card to swipe the progress of their product on the market and the market itself minute to minute feedback and at the end of the day stock print out. This concept could be used along with third world microloans on ramping up the second product with savings from the first. Even if they start with the best thing they know like a favorite recipe. The problems with floods in third world countries could be controlled flooding by design and get energy of small turbines and solar surfaces to collect energy especially in the Middle East, Africa and India desert areas and flood plane areas. Make nature work for you not against you. In tornado alley farm underground-a glass two story building-insulated by mud adobe Mexican style, but glazed for flooding problems while the roof collects the rain and takes it to a purifier for drinking and not for farming. Floods can be collected in large cement pools and grids can be used to systematically remove large to mosquito small larvae and a distillation processor that is mini and powered independently right there for fresh water supply. Building can be solar collectors as they heat rocks under the building for evening heat. The farm equipment might have to be made light weight for a glass floor, but the crops were going to be in wheel along deep wooden boxes, so you could pick the crop in a as needed bases and shred the rest of the plant for compost. If you look for 100 % recycling from all products and any waste for a waste to energy program it should stimulate a lot of ideas.I will be helding to the Washington D.C. area for flight school and research schedule layouts, I might be able to make it. My life is grounded up in the air, but I'll try to be there.

Rusty Solomon

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Rusty Solomon

What are the legal ramifications of revealing personal, but true, information about someone? There is a woman I know that is making my life extremely difficult, but her actions are well within the law, but I have well documented evidence that she is a sexual predator who remains un-convicted. What are the legal ramifications of revealing this information to everyone she has contact with? Note: I have no intention of blackmailing her.

Through my work as an auditor and a consultant with dozens of companies in the United States, Great Britain, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Southeast Asia, I have witnessed the implementation of numerous quality management systems (QMS) and environmental management systems (EMS).

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