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June 06, 2007



PV coach Frazier actions down

Frazier stepped down Monday http://www.lhtzb.cn/ugg/ugg7.html>UGG ブーツ right after seven years at the Prairie View helm to pursue other coaching opportunities. Sixthyear defensive coordinator , who was named the Panthers' coachinwaiting on Oct. 13, will succeed Frazier.

A person http://www.lhtzb.cn/ugg/ugg7.html>UGG ブーツ familiar with the situation said Frazier will accept the head coaching position at North Carolina Central, a historically black university within the MidEastern Athletic Conference. He also regarded vacancies at http://www.lhtzb.cn/ugg/ugg7.html>アグ ブーツ 本物 Delaware State and Howard, which also are within the MEAC.

Frazier was 4330 in seven seasons at Prairie http://www.lhtzb.cn/ugg/ugg7.html View and is 6954 general in 12 years as a collegiate head coach. With 3 years left on his contract, he said his selection to resign was not motivated by financial considerations. "Professionally, I had almost everything I required to be thriving at Prairie View. We've performed some outstanding items.

"But there comes a http://0925898380.com/category/louisvuittononline/ point inside your life, in my opinion, when you've got to produce a move for your loved ones and your wife. This move to Texas was all about me, 100 % for my career, and we've done some extraordinary issues at Prairie View. And now, I had some opportunities to go back East, nonetheless coach football and be closer to my family and my buddies, http://www.xasy.org/ad/ugg.html>UGG メンズ the people who like me as well as the men and women I adore so they're able to share in several of the things I'm performing professionally. So I decided to resign."

On Oct. NCCU completed http://www.xasy.org/ad/ugg.html>UGG メンズ 38 this season, its third given that moving up to the Football Championship Subdivision from Division II, and hasn't had a winning campaign due to the fact 2007.

Frazier, who took over http://www.xasy.org/ad/ugg.html>UGG メンズ at Prairie View in 2004 after leaving Division II Bowie State, became a national star by turning about http://www.xasy.org/ad/ugg.html the Panthers' previously moribund system. He led Prairie View to a 73 record in 2007 its initial winning season in 31 years and followed that up with backtoback 91 seasons. The Panthers won the 2009 Southwestern Athletic Conference title, the program's first due to the fact 1964.

Prairie View stumbled to a 13 http://csrforsme.com/category/lacosteonline/>ラコステ 店舗 start off this season just before winning six of its final seven to finish 74. Frazier became the very first PV coach to compile four http://geoturismovallesagrado.com/category/loeweonline/ consecutive winning seasons considering that "Billy" Nicks, who had nine straight from 195765.

Frazier met with Prairie View's players http://csrforsme.com/category/lacosteonline/>ラコステ 靴 サイズ on Monday. His selection was somewhat surprising to Northern.

" and I had been talking, http://csrforsme.com/category/lacosteonline/>ラコステ 靴 店舗 and I knew that he had some points going on, just like I did," Northern said. "I guess it was just a matter of time prior to a person http://csrforsme.com/category/lacosteonline/ produced http://0925898380.com/category/louisvuittononline/>ルイビトン メンズ 本物 an provide you with that he couldn't refuse.

"I'm just pleased http://gaycoffeeco.com/category/lesportsaconline/>ディズニー レスポートサック 2013 for the chance. I guess I could say that I want it would have come for a totally different cause, but any time you get an opportunity to head up a http://gaycoffeeco.com/category/lesportsaconline/>レスポートサック 長財布 system, you've to become thankful for it, for the reason that one can find not a whole lot http://gaycoffeeco.com/category/lesportsaconline/>ディズニー レスポートサック 2013 of guys who do not get that opportunity."

Texas Southern athletic director http://0925898380.com/category/louisvuittononline/>ルイビトン アクセサリー 2013 , who hired Frazier when he held http://geoturismovallesagrado.com/category/loeweonline/>ロエベ バッグ precisely the same http://gaycoffeeco.com/category/lesportsaconline/ position at Prairie View, said the former coach are going to be considerably missed.

"Coach Frazier is amongst the http://geoturismovallesagrado.com/category/loeweonline/>ロエベ 財布 新作 finest football coaches in black college football and, in my opinion, one particular http://geoturismovallesagrado.com/category/loeweonline/>ロエベ バッグ of your most desirable coaches in football," McClelland stated. "At Prairie View, the greatest coach was , and he ruled at Prairie View within the 1960s. Prairie View just lost the Billy Nicks http://0925898380.com/category/louisvuittononline/>ルイビトン 正規品 on the 2000s.".


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Coach shares plunge on http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/paulsmith/>ポールスミス 財布 メンズ 長財布 difficult vacation quarter

NEW YORK Shares of Coach Inc. http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/paulsmith/>ポールスミス メンズ 財布 plunged Wednesday immediately after the upscale handbag seller mentioned a challenging economy and heavy pricecutting by competitors weighed on its fiscal secondquarter outcomes. "fiscal cliff" negotiations.

Coach is http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/paulsmith/>ポールスミス メンズ バッグ thought of a bellwether for uppermiddleincome shoppers who trade as much as luxury goods, so the latest snapshot raises concern about their spending, also as that of your wealthy.

The quarter is also http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/ugg/>UGG ブーツ サイズ evidence of increasing http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/ugg/>UGG ブーツ サイズ competitors from rivals like Michael Kors Holdings Inc., whose trendy bags are attracting loyal followers. Final year, Coach launched its Legacy collection of handbags inspired by classic types within the company's archives. The business told investors during a conference get in touch with Wednesday that it really is making its retailers a lot more http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/ugg/>UGG ブーツ メンズ inviting by such approaches as opening shoe salons in its freestanding locations to showcase its footwear.

The New Yorkbased http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/prada/>プラダ バッグ トート company says its net income was $352.7 million, or $1.23 per share, in the quarter ended Dec. 29. That compares with $347.five million, or $1.18 per share, a year ago.

Net sales rose four http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/prada/>プラダ 長財布 新作 percent to $1.50 billion.

The results http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/prada/>PRADA 長財布 レディース had been quick of expectations for earnings of $1.28 per share on income of $1.6 billion.

Shares of Coach fell 16.four http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/paulsmith/ %, or $9.93, to close at $50.75 Wednesday. That's close to their 52week low of $48.24.

"During the holiday quarter, we drove modest development and continued to achieve overall traction on our key techniques," Chairman and CEO Lew Frankfort mentioned inside a statement. He noted that when the company posted sturdy http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/ugg/ international results, helped by a sturdy men's online business, the provider was disappointed by its overall performance in North America, where http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/prada/ the vacation season proved "challenging."

"Most broadly, the http://aubombdog.com/category/moncler/>モンクレール レディース 2014 consumer was impacted by a muted macroeconomic environment, though inside the women's handbag category competition intensified and promotional activity http://aubombdog.com/category/moncler/>モンクレール マヤ 楽天 enhanced," he added. He noted that despite a heavy promotional atmosphere, Coach didn't succumb towards the pressure and stuck with its pricing approach to guard the brand.

Total North America sales rose 1 http://aubombdog.com/category/moncler/>モンクレール マヤ 楽天 percent to $1.08 billion from $1.07 billion in the yearago period. North American direct sales rose two % for the quarter. Income at retailers opened no less than a year fell 2 percent. The measure is regarded as a crucial http://aubombdog.com/category/moncler/ indicator of a retailer's well being.

International sales rose http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/watch/>セイコー ルキア レディース腕 12 % to $411 million from $368 million a year ago. Leads to China remained sturdy, with total sales rising 40 % and income at http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/watch/>casio 腕時計 shops opened no less than a year increasing at a doubledigit rate. In Japan, sales declined 2 percent on a continuous http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/watch/ currency basis.

Frankfort mentioned http://60secondssanitybreak.com/category/watch/>セイコーキング China was on course to generate at least $400 million in sales this year. He also stated that the company's men's online business is on track to generate sales of way more than $600 million globally for the existing year, up 50 % http://jhrrealestate.com/category/paulsmith/>ポールスミス 時計 販売店 from a year ago.

But http://jhrrealestate.com/category/paulsmith/ analysts say Coach http://jhrrealestate.com/category/paulsmith/>ポールスミス 時計 販売店 needs to much better respond to rivals.

Brian Sozzi, chief http://jhrrealestate.com/category/paulsmith/>ポールスミス 財布 レディース がま口 equities analyst at NBG Productions, noted that during his trips for the malls throughout the vacation purchasing season he noticed that Michael Kors shops have been packed when Coach shops were not.


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