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June 17, 2007


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My home is in To the north Asia and we all secure a ton of glaciers and it also is extremely amazing in the cold winter months. These Louis Vuitton Outlet are just what's wanted there, Relating to three twosome take a look at the kids also have a combine. Louis Vuitton Outlet are the most useful!


Yvonne, of course your cemmonts are helpful. Thanks for posting! While climates may change over time, it is a slow process. Allergy-related climate info is not as readily outdated as the technological advances of treatment.People come here from all over the internet, and cemmonts on Allergy Climates and Seasons continue to help others regardless of date. Now your cemmonts will live on to help others, also!Lois


Feel bad for your sister with aohnter asthma attack. Hope she is doing better. I grew up in Fresno (in the 50 s) but now things are really bad there with smog which I feel would be a big part of your sisters problem for sure.Maybe the only way you would know for sure whether she would be better in Hawaii would be for her to visit with you for a week or two and see how she does. Seems like every article I've read says that if you can live near the ocean you're better off. Hopefully it wouldn't make her feel worse and increase her attacks If it was me I'd jump at the chance to move to Hawaii but I'm just sayin'


I was going to suggest you stay away from thgnis you are allergic to .but?? Kinda hard for you being surrounded by them all. An air purifier would be a good thing to have in your home.Have you seen a doctor? I'm allergic to dogs, cats etc and I carry an Inhaler, Ventolin I think.It clears my lungs very quickly. If you haven't already got one I suggest you do. I carry mine with me at all times. You just never know.All the bestJulie W Was this answer helpful?

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That is true there is a lot of chlorine that is affecting the lives and health of the children specially.The pollution levels are also affecting the disease to grow tremendously.

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This has to be researched upon...then can't the asthma patients ever swim?


still the number one source of all cancers and death is the automobile. every nut intown is dumping chemicals into gas tanks causing asthma, cancer, when burnt at 1400 degrees in the engine cylinder and exhuasted as phosgene gas or cancer causing agent.

Susan Cartier Liebel

It's great you are calling attention to this on your blog. If the pool area is properly ventilated it presents less of a problem which is why it is a non-issue with outdoor pools. My understanding is that the noxious combination actually kills healthy lung tissue cells and can create any number of breathing related problems which can manifest themselves at anytime in ones life.

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