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August 18, 2007


mbt clearance shoes



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Tip #3 ?Before you can start to build your timeline and shopping list, first you must decide on where your party or event will be held and how many people you will be inviting.


Very good move. WordPress is an excellent pruocdt, even better at .org, the open source origin of the .com. It is possible to install the .org pruocdt on one's own server, such as at something like godaddy.com. And there's also a theming software out there for general users who want a quick way to customize the look and feel of their blog or website (Works with WordPress, if I recall correctly, and Drupal, an open source content management system currently in favor). Good luck with the transition. It seems to be going well.


First issue: Is it happening, and who's roespnsible?a) If you look at temperature records from ice cores taken out of the Antarctic ("Vostock"), you can see that, although global average temperatures have gone up & down, it takes thousands and millions of years for significant change. But in the last 150 years, the global average temperature has changed about 10 times faster than it has EVER changed before. This is not normal.b) If you try to attribute this to increasing solar power from the Sun, you will find that careful studies of the possible effect of solar luminosity limit it's contribution very severely during the period over which we have really accurate measurements. We have satellite measurements for the last two sun cycles that show 0.01% variation in solar luminosity: That's not enough to explain anything.c) If you try to attribute this to the "urban heat island" effect (the cities are getting hotter because of more energy use, maybe this is confused with increased temperature trends), you find that people have been able to compare temperature trends on windy vs. non-windy nights. Logically, if the trends are due to urban-heat-island, the windy nights should not show them, because the wind will blow away the UHI. This doesn't show up. The conclusion is that the increase in temperature is real.d) It is accurately measured that the amount of C-O2 in the air has increased by over 33% in the last 100 years. This is about half of the C-O2 that has been produced from the combustion of fossil fuels it's assumed that the rest is in the ocean. Normal application of physics leads to the conclusion that this increase will lead to a radiative imbalance of infrared radiation. If it gets as far as doubling the amount of C-O2, this will give rise to 3.7 Watts/m^2 of excess radiative power, which is more than 1% of the solar energy incoming. What do you think will happen?- Human production of C-O2 is the largest contributor to increase. Breathing, etc. just complete the carbon cycle with plants: plants capture C-O2 to produce stuff, animals eat the stuff, and exhale the C-O2. Net = 0 change. But burning coal and oil produce C-O2 from sources of carbon that have been out of circulation for millions of years. This is a net addition.- Volcanoes also add C-O2; but their annual contribution worldwide is about 150 times LESS than the human contribution. Peanuts.What is the harm?- Although some people hope for improvements in agricultural productivity due to increased C-O2, the problem is that C-O2 is not a limiting factor for agriculture. More important is the increase in drought in certain equatorial regions, which will harm agricultural productivity.- One of the complications of global warming is that it doesn't produce a nice uniform increase in temperature woldwide. What it does is to give Mother Nature more energy budget to play weather games. So you will see not only more hurricanes in summer, but you will also see snowstorms in summer in weird places, because Mother Nature used that extra energy to splurge on moving a chunk of cold air from the Arctic down to Colorado.- The biggest real concern I have with global warming is that it will change the environment for vast regions on a timescale that the indigenous flora and fauna cannot possibly cope with. It takes about a million years for a new species to develop. When many of these creations get hit by a 2- or 3-degree temperature change over 100 years, they will disappear without leaving any descendants. The world will be much poorer; and that includes potential sources of new medicines, coral reefs, etc.

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