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September 13, 2007


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Greetings.After reading enroyeve's great comments, I have a few of my own I would like to share:First and foremost, we need to get our recycling program back up on its feet quickly. Funding is a huge issue. Where will the money come from?I believe the towns need to step in to help subsidize the program. I realize Fraser and Winter Park have donated money in the past, but since the program was privatized, that money earmarked for recycling went towards other budgetary items, and since the recycling program went under after the most recent town budgets were made up, there is suddenly no money for the program. Perhaps next quarter.Come on towns! This is a vital community program. Lets put up the money to make it happen. There is grant money out there that can be applied for, and I'm sure each town has some one capable of doing a bit of grant writing. I'll do it if someone wants to get me started.In my opinion, the easiest, most realistic way to fund our recycling program is to get the money from the largest polluters. Why don't we add a recycling tax to each new building permit issued, or to each new proposed subdivision? The construction industry is responsible for the majority of the waste in the landfill so why not have them pay their fair share? Though a good idea, an increased tipping fee won't be enough to fund our recycling program, unless it is a very significant increase.The money raised could also go towards an architectural salvage site at the dump where construction debris could be sorted from the garbage and all the usable lumber, windows, doors, etc. could be sold back to the public and the money made from this venture could go back into the recycling fund.These are just a few ideas, I'm sure if we all pool our collective thoughts we can come up with a realistic, simple solution.Thanks to GCLM for this forum.

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Lara Glew


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Recycling ....really helped me getting a good new handset, because my budget was less and the handset which i prefered to have was more than my budget. Luckly somebody suggested for recycling my old phones which were lying in my drawer, where i got a reasonable refund and thus added to my budged got a new camera handset of my choice.

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