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October 10, 2007


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Gore is being taken seriously by plpeoe who were already doing independent research, and therefore are in a position to agree with him and see him as in the room'. He's not being taken seriously by persons who for reasons personal, psychological or religious, feel it is inappropriate to consider the possibility that the planet could be damaged by man.There's no success yet, there can be no success until governments start legislating, and that seems to be a long and tedious process.on the up side: five years ago, when I was whimpering about global warming, most plpeoe around me were laughing in my face and telling me to get a hobby. Now, they agree and are themselves doing what they can, eg fabric shopping bags, buying in bulk, recycling, growing own vegetables etc. It's not much but it's all the man in the street can really think of to do. We need the big boys, is the problem. We need good leadership to pull things in line. I actually don't think it's going to work out. Sorry: but the problem is enormous, and it has huge momentum, and sometimes when the weight tips, one has to go forward through something and out the other side, one cannot stop things and send them backwards. So I've got my lifestyle block, and my water tanks to gather flood rains in winter and dish out in summer, and I'm slowly learning how to feed my entire family on what I grow. Mad, sad, really, really pathetic, but I'm into surviving. You and I are mere blips in history. It's whether we keep the chain going or not that counts in the end.Oh, and as to dickwad below: I've planted over 1000 trees on my land so far. I reckon I can get more than that going too. Problem is, my shares use up co2 that the next guy creates. I can't distance myself from him unless I go live in a biodome.

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