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October 14, 2007



Just like Obama said in a recent sepech, we need to stop driving SUV's, quit eating so much (my personal favorite-lol), and not leave our thermostats at 72 degrees all the time. Once we ship all of our houses to the people of Africa and start living in tents, riding bicycles instead of driving cars, burn candles instead of using light bulbs . Oh wait a minute, did you mean what kind of climate changes will it take? Oops, my bad. I guess we will have to see that the planet has stopped warming (kind-of like it did in 1998) and see a shift cooling (like we are soon to experience) and then we'll face the next catastrophe. IT WILL NEVER END! The media/alarmists will hop from one issue to the next, forcing their garbage on the front page of our newspapers and teaching this bull-malarkey to our children in public school.


Well, it has to do with the real science benihd it. Most media will not mention that we are at the high end of a cycle of about 125,000 years: give or take 25,000.140,000 years ago we saw the same level of CO2/Temp according to the ice core data, and then it dipped really low: coming up to now. This same thing happened around 230,000 years ago. Notice a pattern?A few years ago it was reported that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was 186Billion PPM.Humans 6B PPM, Volcanic Activity 90B PPM, Nature 90B PPM.In Hawaii there has been a constant eruption going on for years, and remember Mt St Helen? We are in period of increased volcanic activity.So they likely don't believe in the human made global warming theory because it's simply not true. Correlation is not causation, and people see the start of the upswing at the same time as the industrial revolution.Now I believe we need to reduce pollution for the sake of breathing clean air and water, but I refuse to be pulled in by this scare. Do you know there was a global cooling scare in the 20th century too?I think people also fail to realize that Al Gore had established a carbon credit exchange company before An Inconvenient Truth.The solar output is also know to cause temperature fluctuations. I did have another link to the stuff about the cycle, but I still have one of them. It was an .edu research page.


Way to go John! I too am perplexed at how all the paniticiols are afraid to even mention Bio-fuel when discussing alternative energies. I will differ with one point in your disertation. I do believe that bio-fuels can the complete solution to our energy, food and economic problems. This can be achieved by creating very large economic and agfricultural zones specifically in South Texas and california for starters. This could be achieved by bringing huge amounts of water filtered from the ocean to these zones. This could also be a source of a continual source of revenue to our government while protecting our water supply from greedy and unscrupulous corporations that are trying to position themselves to control the supply. We could pre sign up customers which would make it easy to justify economically. Once the water lines are in place we culd then grow our way out of our fuel worries while creating thousands of good jobs and bringing our food supply back home. We could subsidize any one who owned any land down to a couple of acres for growing crops for ethanol production. This would greatly encourage private enterprises and allow people to use their land to make a living. This is all being demonstrated to us by our neighbors to the south (Brazil).


For one, it is a comedy show, and it is much eaeisr to make jokes under the assumption that AGW is not real than the assumption that it is. Running with the premise that AGW (or anything else) is a serious problem makes the show become preachy, which they only do at the very end in a half-joking way ("I've learned something today ") Indeed during one of these preachy moments, in the episode about hybrids, I remember either Stan or Kyle (who Matt and Trey have stated represent their own viewpoints) said something along the lines of "hybrids may even save our planet one day". So the story lines and premises of the jokes are not necessarily going to always agree with their own views. I'm sure they have made fun of things that they personally see as being important, but with such an edgy show, it's either make fun of everyone or don't make fun of anyone. That's why they have made fun of every religion from Muslim to Jew to Mormon to Catholic to Atheist. And while they have said that they don't have any political message in the show, they have said that they simply find liberals to be eaeisr' to make fun of although they have certainly not spared Republicans, portraying them sometimes as dumb (e.g. "pissed off white trash conservative"), or even evil' as in the episode about Terry Schiavo. Not to mention Cartman whose extreme conservatism is often a source of humor. The episode most related to global warming was probably ManBearPig, which I do think was more of a jab at Al Gore, which is why they created a new monster instead of just leaving Gore being afraid of AGW. Then there was the episode spoofing Day After Tomorrow, but again I think that was more a spoof of that movie specifically, which was pretty bad. Even in that episode though, didn't they have some line like"stereotypical dissenting Republican"? Anyway. It's fun to try to analyze popular shows, but they are still comedy shows and at the end of the day, cramming the biggest laughs into 22 minutes of showtime is top priority. People have written books about the philosophy lessons that can be learned from shows like South Park or the Simpsons and what's worse is that some people actually read them but I think they are taking it a bit too far.

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