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January 01, 2008



Then again the Y2K and Ozone hole were both real problems which were alveeiatld with real solutions.Oil is running out and there certainly is a population bomb. Both are a matter of when not if.Global cooling had a small following in the scientific community. More papers back then were pushing a future of global warming.

air yeezy

let my SUV idle in the driveway for an extra 2 hours this evening !!!!

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Geez...When will the whining idiots/sheeple come to their senses...IF there is global warming (they like to say "Climate Change" when things aren't going the way they'd like) as a result of human activity it definitely has NOT been proven. The disturbing thing is that Global Warming has become a sort of religion...Al Gore is the savior and all those that don't believe in what he says are depraved pagans. The one phrase that made me laugh at alex's post pretty much sums up what the "Warmies" have done to save us...."The company currently has no product available"

Bobby J

I'm going to let my SUV idle in the driveway for an extra 2 hours this evening !!!!


It's called climate change, not global warming.

Reggie Rasmussen

No doubt that global warming is very debated. I, however, have never heard that man is causing global cooling. For this - all I can say is that I hope that the people that believe this is natural are not wrong. But if man is causing at least part of the problem then why not do all we can. One thing not in dispute is that we cannot continue to use non-renewable sources on energy forever.
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