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March 08, 2008



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great DIY video, couple ctcvtrunoise soldering tips. A wet sponge works a lot better than a wet cloth, its more rigid, holds water better and is easier to scrap crap off of your iron.Heat the joint, metal, eyelet or whatever you are trying to solder to with the iron, and touch the solder to it until it melts. Don't heat the solder directly with the iron. This makes much cleaner stronger joints, and wastes a lot less solder.


From what I understand, Bermuda has done a lot of work using new and old tawdros sustainability on a resource limited island. You might want to look into what they do and then scratch the surface.Have you ever visited care2.com? It has a lot of info, numerous links, and then links to links. Don't forget to consider solar-thermal energy assistance and use; you pre-heat water or other materials stragetically placed and/or plumbed to reduce the solar power load. A lot of folks currently reducing thier grid use and/or going off the grid are returning to 12 volt systems or sub-systems. (It is my understanding that back in the day, obviously before my day, that 12 volt electricty arrived at homes long before the current 110/220.) Also, have you ever been to cityfarmer.org? It is out of Vancouver, BC and its goal is to promote city farming in the Vancouver area and world wide. Certainly at one time, it had a board for the posting of urban farming research, papers, and the more. It also had a posting of a guy who did a paper (thesis/thesis related I think) about establishing farming capabilities in poor, urban areas with limited water access and use. His area was some place in Africa. Posted were some dimensions and drawings of some raised beds using found scrap materials for the growing of lettuces and I think it was tomatoes. The beds included different levels and a slucing system that were arrived at. Included in the discussion were alternative material suggestions, critical technical aspects about the bed dimentions and slucing system, yield discussion, and future and alternative design considerations one could/should make. I'm not sure if this board or posting still exist but, the administrator can probably get you information from the archives. Certainly in the past, this was a good site for connecting to others doing urban and other food production exploration under different conditions.


Golden globe2012awards

Guten Morgen

Wir stimmen wieder absolut nicht überein mit der diesjährigen Golden globe awards 2012 Entscheidung.

Bitte geht zu unsere kleine Web Abstimmung


Madonna kann doch wirklich nicht besser sein als marylStreep+georgeClooney

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tortenfisch999 4880 Die nächste Abstimmung 2013 muss wieder unbedingt um einiges gerechter werden.


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Online CLE

This is not something you like to be hearing about a technology that was very promising. It seems like we are always switching one form of environmental harm for another. We can never get everything right, if that is even possible.

Solar Future

At least 89% of air pollution associated with electricity generation could be prevented if power from solar photovoltaics (PV) displaces convention sources of energy on the the grid. In addition, the PV industry follows a pro-active, long-term environmental strategy involving sa recycling and waste management to prevent environmental damage. For more information on the environmental sustainability of solar energy, please see the following link to a study by Brookhaven National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL):


and a recent Science News article about it:



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