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July 05, 2008



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Dear Dr. Tedesco,If I remember well from your fainsnaticg talk on your expedition to the Greenland ice sheet, there aren't any animals living on the ice sheet, right? In Antarctica, however, there are animals living on the ice, such as penguins and who else? My question is: Does the environment in Antarctica facilitate (and if does, how) the continuation of life on it? How does the environment in Antarctica differ from the Greenland ice sheet?Warm regards,Luisa


I wonder what haeppns when liquid water descends deep inside the frozen mass . Seems like water just above freezing has an enormous heat content, sufficient to melt more ice down at bedrock level. But the crevasses also warm the ice as liquid water descends deep inside the frozen mass, with that process also potentially speeding its flow A new discovery for physics slightly warmer ice flows faster than slightly colder ice. Worth a paper on its own.


The truth is nobody knows for cairetn. There are many hypothesis out there and many of them make sense but almost all of them can have holes poked through them. For example, there are those seeking political power (or increased tax revenue) by telling the mass population that something needs to be done. However, there are others that think there is little that humans can do. The Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, superior) were formed by glaciers 10s of thousands of years ago. The glaciers haven't' been within 500 miles of the great lakes for all of recorded history. How can we blame that on human activities?My personal opinion, yes, the earth is warming, so is Venus and Mars because the sun is swelling and getting closer to us. There is nothing any of us can do to stop it.Don't get me wrong, I'm all for conserving energy and being environmentally friendly. But lets not go overboard with this stuff. Now they want to regulate those "evil" carbon dioxide emissions. Well guess what, the average human sitting in an office gives off 120 pounds of carbon dioxide in a years time at the office. It goes up from there, especially if you have a job that requires physical work, where your heart rate and respiration are increased. It all seems sort of crazy to me- but I'm amazed at how many people just go for all of it, hook , line, and sinker,,,By the way, I have a book from national geographic that states 99% of the worlds species are already extinct. Most of them are fossils and were extinct before man even entered the picture. It just doesn't "feel good" that entire species as well as individuals have a life span and at the end of that time, they must die. It something we all must do.

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Shall we say, er, pathetic reasoning if these comments are designed to justify impoverishing society to fight a now-admittedly uncertain "climate change". Insofar as "who knows what the next finding will [teach] us"--that the global-warming scare is a hoax?

Mike Curtis


Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth.

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