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April 18, 2009



that`s a good point by starting from your self, but i bevelie that your role is wider than that.you can start with your close friends tell them about global warming . whats the bad of it????actually i am working in a hospital. the waste products of the hospital are classified into medical and disposal and other types of them.so every one in this planet should know his part to work on it that`s a good question?keep the good work


i got multiplymaybe not a web site but prtety closefor freecheck mine follow all the links .all together you got unlimited photos ,blogs.home movie or clips from youtube ,and musicand you can collect links and there is a net work of groupsof varied intereststhere are many others .like my space ,yahoo 360,mash,etcthere is geo citieswith a free version.but i found it to complicated Multiply had the most options for me that i could understand,, easy to driveWith one group inside your page (if you click them on)that is there to ask how to do anything,instead of having to follow robotic instructions or solutions from build in programs.


Glad I read this post. I feel like we can always do more to help stop global warming. There's a really site that just posted the winning videos of it's competition at


If you have strong feelings on water efficiency and/or flooding from global warming, then watch these and send them to people you know. Everyone can help turn climate change around.


At least this is a step in the right (and correct) direction.

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