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February 21, 2010


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My mother and antoher woman, who has dogs, both say Boric Acid is the best to use. You can get it in powder and vac it up in 24 hrs. or so. Here's a link for info on it. Good luck.


During the summer, i love to go to Grand Slam Tennis Camp. Over there, my fidrnes and i have fun playing tennis under the blazing sun which burn our skin to ashes everyday. After lunch at around noon, we ride to the pool where we relax under the trees and take small naps while sunlight streams into our eyes through the cracks of the leaves. When everyone is settled, my fidrnes and i enjoy playing cards with music blasting from of our Ipods, only to be drowned out by the sound of cheer and laughter. We run all over the place, yelling as we play a game of ultimate frisbee on some slopes next to the pool. After we return to camp grounds from the pool, my fidrnes and i relax some more by playing even more tennis, in which then we sit down and chat as we wait for our parents to pick us up.

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Going Green

Dear Friends,

Please support our efforts to build a clean-energy economy and protect our environment. I am committed to making us energy independent, curbing the harmful effects of carbon pollution, and creating the jobs of tomorrow. We need clean-energy investments to jump-start our economy, including a smarter energy grid, tax credits for all who make their homes energy efficient, and billions to make green buildings and support local renewable energy projects. We have the ability to harvest clean electricity from wind, wave, and ocean currents off our shores. For more information, please access the link below:




You may also navigate to:
Enter the site
Click on "more issues"

Warm Regards,

Click on "Add as Friend"

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President George W. Bush signed an additional amendment to Executive Order 13183 on December 3,

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President George W. Bush signed an additional amendment to Executive Order 13183 on December 3, 2003, which established the current co-chairs and instructed the task force to issue reports as needed,

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The reality is that there are 90 homes in Chesapeake Ranch Estates and approximately 500+ on The Western Shore on The Chesapeake Bay. So, what happens of 500 + homes fall in the Chesapeake Bay, pollutions, environmental and complete devastation to Calvert County Maryland and the long term effects to resident for a lost community, property values (which are already hurt by our economy and whatever additional disaster accompanies this..

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