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February 22, 2010



Is Obama going to advise these ploepe that his job plans will only include those favorable to the Unions? Is he going to mention how his Union Associates, with his consent, are taking Boeing to court to block SC from employing 1,000 workers from getting jobs because SC is a right to work' State? No, I know he won't because truth is alien to the Obamaites. Is Obama explaining to the dupes this will be added onto the debt to enslave their children and grandchildren to the State? Is he explaining to the ploepe how bigger Government control over their lives is good for them because they just don't understand what is good for themselves? I guess for the true Cliff Jumpers it wouldn't matter anyway but, to those who can think for themselves this tour could be a last ditch effort by the dying regime to boost his personel appeal, after all, the Wall Street Mobs are loosing public opinion and have had to resort to being called the grassroots Tea Party movement by Obama's propaganda media to garner more support. It was only a few months ago the propaganda media was trying to dimish the importance of the Tea Party and, now they want to hijack it for promoting the unruly Wall Street Mobs. One would think after trying to destroy the Tea Party for the last two years that using it to cover the true agenda of the Wall Street Mob would backfire. It did and so Obama has to venture out, once again, to convince ploepe borrowing billions more, after his failed TARP and Stimilus have helped build a $15 trillion U.S. debt, it's wiser than letting the small businessman build the new jobs program especially since the Unions won't have control of their worker's.

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