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February 21, 2010



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north face cyber monday 2013

Are you asking if Politics is a science with predictable outcomes of elections? Or are you asking if Science is a result of political aspirations?


See you at the Parkdale Horticultural Meeting tomorrow Gayla. I dont envy you the work up to the poeaentstirn I haven't started PP poeaentstirn for Portland yet got bogged down on paper & had to take a day. I tried taping a class I taught once what a joke it just doesn't translate yes you can put it over there' you can see in the picture where it is' yes over there' yes you can put it there too' here' yes right there' ok now yes they are over there' I almost went off the road laughing when I listened to it on my way home! It would be a lot of extra work to gear a talk to a podcast unless it was a casual conversation maybe between two people I think. The seed planting workshop was fun. I learned new things thanks!


It is hrubis combined with ignorance that drives ideologyNo, I don't think so, that could be if you refer to the servants (like charlatan Al) but not to the masters, for them it is just cold blooded calculated agenda.

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