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March 03, 2010


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Hi Paul,I would love to speak with you about this marketing oputrtpnioy. I think I just signed up under your marketing leg. I happened upon your website by googling Jordan Rubin and the Maker's Diet while surfing the web. I must say, I'm not real sure about the Network Marketing, but, I would like to have a verbal conversation about the purchase of products.Thanks in advance,Jackie Autman


When raising cotevnnional food, one uses pecticieds as compared to natural pesticides with organic (organic less expensive). Chemical fertilizers compared to organic fertilizers (organic natural and less expenisive ie manures etc)How can this justify the higher cost of organic food as compared to commercially grown (less expensive) and having to purchase chemicals etc. Doing artifical pollination as oposed to natural pollination. The list goes on and onl. This boggles my mind. I know from my own garden by not having to spend money on poisons and artificial fertilizers it costs me less to grow vegatables than if I used chemicals and other artificial means.Then why are we being charged more for a vegatable or a piece of meat that has no chemicals that are costly to produce, distribute, and apply as compared to natural herbicides, fertilizers, etc. that are plentiful and less expensive to use?


I think organic foods are absolutely beneficial to the environment since it wont do any harm to the surroundings.

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Food is an important foundation of the lives of people and animals that inhabit the world. Different cultures have in many varieties.

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