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March 30, 2010


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The author of the actlrie is one Jason Samenow. He is in New Orleans for some AMS shindig. In his report yesterday he wrote The mood here is mixed. Yes, scientific advances have made forecasts better than ever. But the weather’s toll on life and property in 2011 in the U.S. was unacceptably high just as it was here in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina 7 years ago.. I have a question. Can weather's toll on life and property in the U.S. be acceptably high? This is the bloke who wrote Bad reporting: Diane Sawyer, ABC claim tornadoes in South Monday struck with “no warning” on the 24th.Look what else he wrote. Due to the loading of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the Earth is virtually assured to continue warming; and this warming will impact humans and the environment. Virtually assured? As in vitually reality! The man's a CAGW pillock!


Amy's description of The Apostles is quite brnlliait, but the first thing I want is the book itself. Reading about a book, especially in this context, is OK, but Pope Benedict is the real source. I bought Cardinal Ratzinger's Introduction to Christianity a while back, and that's heavy! I'll buy the book and check out Amy's commentary.

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Actually Al Gore open the eyes of everyone around the world to save our precious Mother Earth good effort by him.

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