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March 27, 2010



Removing the one link and reposting. It didn't show up! Again, sorry for duilpcates, but I really can't stand this uninformative filter.Why is it that all the scientist who are supplying global warming theories and so called evidence are connected to the the left ?I don't know- you tell me. What are the protocols of the elders of the international scientific community?Maybe they only reason they SEEM to be connected to the left is you're so far to the right and have lost contact with reality so enthusiastically that 99% of anyone on the planet you'd call connected to the left . People like John McCain, T. Boone Pickens, and the Republican party, according to the 2008 platform. (I included a link but the posting never appeared so I am removing it)“There is a more sinister side to this feeding frenzy. Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse Uh huh. Just like intelligent design advocates have been shut down in the collegiate educational systems too, right? Sorry, bad science is bad science.Science is not left or right leaning. Science is either well-done or not.If you are so upset by all the intrusions you mention above , why on earth would you support an issue that only invites more intrusion onto ones life ?Because facts are facts and the truth is the truth and you can argue with them and you can spin them and you can deny them all you want, but ultimately you will never, ever win against the truth because it IS reality. And all science is a human study of what's true.Not to mention- compared to the other political dangers I've listed, which involve authoritian abuse of power, you're really so concerned about and threatened by the coercion and loss of freedom connected w/ cars that pollute less? And wind farms, solar, geothermal and other non-polluting sources generating your electricity and efficient heating? These are the monsters at the gate challenging our liberty? Oh, to be free of a world in which my dryer is more efficient and my gas gets better mileage why, we're walking down the fascist road that might take us to- god-forbid- water-saving dishwashers!!! Or low-voltage laptops! The horror! Lower energy prices associated with less usage- cleaner air- that's the burden we'll all somehow have to deal with even assuming climate change is a politically-driven hoax (which makes no sense)- the tragedy of being more secure because we're less dependent on foreign energy sources, economically more independent, and living in a cleaner environment. Radical far left-wing liberals like Teddy Roosevelt would have loved that.Get real.W


We’re too sold on our consumer culture attitude of safety and security as provided by banks .

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