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April 27, 2010



that Fahrenheit 911 was a movie driven by and about hate when most of it WAS TRUE. It was too risky to faothm that people might actually see it. Just like Fahrenheit, eventually An Inconvenient Truth will be proven true by HISTORY and future events. But this time, instead of a nightmare war on the other side of the globe, we might just have bet the ranch!


Lorelle, I strongly enocurage you (and anyone, for that matter) to see An Inconvenient Truth and judge for yourself. I don't think you can authoritatively say that Jeff Masters' review is a good and fair review of the movie if you haven't seen the movie yourself. Good and fair regarding the attendant environmental issues, yes.His criticism that Gore paints with too broad a brush in the section about hurricanes and weather events is a valid one, and one that I've heard raised elsewhere as well. I do disagree with some of his other points of contention: Master's statement that the movie plays like a campaign ad was a clinker (would that all campaign ads were so free of ad-hominem vitriol), and his objection to Gore's description of the effect that CO2 emissions have on the atmosphere is hair-splitting at its pettiest. But anyhoo, I agree with the majority of his review and found it interesting to read the thoughts of someone who is (apparently) a meteorologist or geologist of some kind.I agree that the term pollution has fallen into under-use. The thing is (as you say) that pollution is and climate change are directly related as cause and effect. I share your giving a hoot about not polluting if you'll pardon the expression. :P

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