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May 21, 2010


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That did the trick! Thanks so much man. This plug in is really, really great. It should be built in to the Genesis framework for sure. Kudos!


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Will the mandatory “you are in the emlopy of big oil” come next? ;-)-AnthonyNot really, mr Anthony. I couldn't care less if you were emlopyed by Big Oil, the IPCC, Al Gore, the Devil or God himself.I only care about the quality of the argument.If I am not even a scientist, but even so I can tell quite easily the problem, then you are in serious trouble. It's as if someone in maths' university made a 2+2=5 kind of error, and called everyone else dumb because you've just discovered how the masters got it all wrong .You're only making a fool of yourself, and probably Tamino and others are just having a ROFTL at your expense. Think twice before posting, and if you aren't sure of what you're talking about, don't ever, ever assume it's the others who got it all wrong.REPLY: Luis, first you should understand that Tamino et al will laugh and criticize anything I do, so I don't concern myself with what they think. Second, this is an article by the National Post, in it's entirety. The data plot is valid, the trend line has a polynomial trend line with induced error at the end. I agreed it has a problem. It looks like they (at NP) simply took UAH LT data and ran it through Excel to produce that plot. I've also posted other newspaper articles where our readers pick it apart for errors. People learn that way, and readers learn a lot here by such discussions. You want to attribute the polynomial trend line error to me, suggesting that I made a dumb 2+2=5 error by posting that graphic. But it was part of the original article. If I had posted the article, with a header comment touting the graph as proving a point, then you might be able to say that. But I'm quite happy that readers have picked this apart. The results might make for a good follow up post about how graphs can deceive. Will I shield readers in the future from news articles that might be wrong because someone might think badly of me? Absolutely not.If you want a blog where they don't allow discussion of anything that points out errors in postings or conclusions, then please by all means leave this blog and become a regular at RC and Tamino. Anthony

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