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June 12, 2010



1. Preserve records of your property before the damage hits. Take photographs of the shore line abutting the property and video of customers using your property, but include nothing which is “staged.”
2. Decide how you will communicate with everyone currently holding reservations, everyone who has ordered product in advance, and regular clients to keep them up- to-date on whether the oil spill will affect their use of your property or your ability to fulfill any contracts. Be absolutely honest with your customers about how the oil spill will impact your ability to fulfill your contracts. Remind tenants and those holding advance orders of your cancellation policies or force majeure clauses in your contract and clearly communicate whether you are making exceptions to any stated policies due to the oil spill.
3. Gather business financial and occupancy records beginning in 2004 (five years ago). 4. Document all reservation or order cancellations, making sure you capture current
contactinformationfromthemand,especially,thereasonforthecancellation. Havethe
client cancel in writing by mail or fax. 5. After the oil spill touches your property, document the damage photographically and
continue communicating with customers regarding your status.
If you have any questions about what further steps you can take to preserve your rights or if you simply would like assistance filing a claim against BP, please contact Lucado Law Firm at 888-278-0026.

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