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September 19, 2010



23Ivo23 on June 17, 2011 euhhhh I dunno but . the waprimng up issue is becauze our star is euhhhhh I dunno .. GROWING ????? ofcourse it is not MAN made djie .. you'll as retarded as palin ? a star grows in it's life time and guess what the cause will be for surrounding planets. I can't believe this world is SO full with stupid people who can't even understand what is happening with their own PLANET it is not a thing you WILL prevent this planet is gonna burn up like every one else.. THAT simple


The issue of global waminrg has been talked since early 1900; there's an article in newspaper published around the WW I era discussed about global waminrg (Google it), so it is not a recent issue; What I'm trying to say is, logically speaking, if the earth temperature is rising every year since many years ago, don't you think we're all already melted by now?


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