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December 30, 2010


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It's all a bit vague, Steve. You speak of a sharp downturn in Arctic' temps for Autumn (lowest since 1996), but show a chart only of 80N+. Already there is coufosinn in your first post, and this flows into your current question, which is even more vague. Do I answer your question here for total Arctic area, or just by eye-balling the 80N graph?I'll take the latter course for now.There's a down spike in temps for the first few days of Autumn, north of 80N, that doesn't seem to be equalled since 1996, just from eye-balling the DMI charts. If your remarks had been as constrained as that, then none of the following criticism would have occurred. But you went on As you have indicated, summertime temps North of 80 don't rise much above zero. IIRC, you've explained why in the past (80N+ always ice-bound, temps hover around normal. Not being one of your familiars, I now ask myself if this remarking on the unremarkable was a jest or attention-getter, as suggested by Scott.But if I take it seriously, the last 5 months appear to above normal, just by eye-balling DMI charts. Summertime temps are mostly below the line for many of the preceding years to 1996. 2011 is on the line. If you're using a different metric for normal', it's not clear from the exposition in your original post.If you're just chatting to familiars who are going to get you' when you post, don't be surprised when interlopers misread you. Your blog is public, after all.BTW, I'm on the other side of the world. I've slept, gone to the beach and watched a film as well as posting here. And thanks for the brain-dead, mind-of-a-3-year-old and moron epithets. Classy stuff from the host. The option to explain where I erred is always available to you, but it seems you prefer the low road.

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