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December 22, 2010


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Talking the talk is one thing- how does a predominantly non-nuclear poweerd economy, like the USA has , switch without the taxpayer being the one that is forced against its will to pay for the re-powering of the nations grid suppliers? The power companies that exist and currently burn Coal, Oil and/or Natural Gas have to make long term contracts w/ fuel suppliers- how can they be expected to commit and invest in cleaner technology without Big Government ? The Independent Spirit of America's entrepreneur is the best way but will be impossible to compete with Large Multinational Corp. that run a lot of America's Power Co.s but their CEO's don't even live on our continent. Solution #1 American's Conserve power at every turn. #2 Solar and Wind power infrastructure investment ( power is Now going to be more Expensive than ever) #3 Immediately begin Build the Nuclear plants we need to get power costs down. My power bill is $240 per month (summer) with old equipment in a rental house I rent the Landlord put a black single roof on the house and the peak cost (summer) jumped to 285 per month running the air conditioner at 79 to 80 degrees F. Part of the cost is the electric hot water heater causing as much as $100 per month No responsibility is placed on the owners of rent properties for energy conservation compliance start with this and then with home owners next (Energy Auditing). Population growth dictates energy consumption or energy conservation must grow equally In brief , if you want conservation it will be required of the Government require its citizens to conserve at every turn while Also being willing to pay more taxes to give to the power companies that build green power generation facilities [( Last questions -Can we afford this?? ( No we can't) Can we afford to trust Government to get this job done?? (My answer is No! They will waste the money as they generally do on most huge projects ) Small Independent Power Producers hooked to the grid are the answer until Nuclear and large scale green energy is in place. Then, consolidation of the independents will begin of course , but the best system is the micro-plant producers managing at or near the end user locations (No/ or lower transmission losses)


Well those reactors may be aged and in need of upgrdaes but you can't just come along and shut them down now in light of the catastrophe that took place in Japan. If you did that I hope you have a Soler System big enough to supply all your needs or you have lots of candles and food and gas for your car not that you will really need to go any where sens all the stores will be shut down sens they can't operate without electricity and you wont need to goto work sens they will most likely be shut down as well. All Because the power requirements here sens those reactors went online have gone up by such a tremendous amount that the remaining infrastructure will not support the load. It does not mean that we should do nothing though. It simply means that upgrading the plants needs to become a top priority. But not granting them a license and forcing them to shut down is not an option.

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