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December 22, 2010


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First: There is no such thing as unlimited prftios, just like there is no such thing as infinity except as a concept.Second: Corporations must reward those working for them or suffer the consequences. Freedom itself is not unlimited. We as responsible citizens must always act responsibly. As such, we must also hold others responsible and liable for any harm they cause. Including Corporations.If we fail to hold people responsible, then the responsibility to correct injustices falls on the shoulders of Government. That forces them to take the Power needed to correct injustices away from citizens and apply it as best they can.Power corrupts and that power in the hands of Government creates Tyranny.Labor Unison have too much Power also. Therefore they are corrupt.Being responsible as a citizen is key to the ability to permit Government to grant liberty. That responsible behavior places the limits on your freedom in your own hands. Our entire society must grasp that concept or excessive government restrictions shall persist.

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