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January 19, 2011


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Lots of interesting tghtohus in this post.#1 I always leave a comment if I have something to say, no matter if I'm first or 30th. But I won't leave a comment that doesn't say anything a good job or nice photo. I want to contribute, and while those sentiments are nice, they really aren't too helpful.#2 You've reminded me about responding to comments. When I received fewer comments, I did respond personally to each comment. Then it got a bit overwhelming. I do respond to anything specific especially questions. I always try to answer questions. But maybe I should try to be more responsive to all people who take the time to leave comments. Does anyone feel that if you leave a comment on the blogs of your commenters, you don't necessarily have to respond in your own blog's comments?Joanna, you are spectacular in your ability to respond to each comment, and I'm sure people are always coming back to see what you've said. I know I do.#3 As far as late. Bah, never too late. I always love to get comments.Bos last blog post..

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