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January 30, 2011


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I am encouraged to hear that atettpms by the EPA to unilaterally try to regulate CO2 as a pollutant is in the process of being curtailed by Congress.The EPA has not at all determined that the effects of global warming pollution harm public health they merely quoted or parroted the IPCC report and, worse, actually squashed reports and analyses by staff scientists which objectively questioned the notion that climate warming caused by human activity is settled science .The EPA's attempt to make traditional fuels more expensive by penalizing energy producers is completely counter-productive and not aligned with a legitimate objective of reducing dependence on foreign sources of energy.I demand that the EPA quit abusing its power and stick to its proscribed role of controlling actual pollution. CO2, as part of the cycle of life, can hardly be considered pollution, and, furthermore, theories of imminent demise due to rapid climate change brought about by a marginal increase in the amount of CO2 are theories whose main support is from hypothetical climate models which are certainly not a sufficient basis for declaring the science settled .EPA, please stick to your legitimate mission and get out of the global warming political racket.

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