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February 07, 2011



Hey Mike-Where are you getting your ioftrmaoinn ? Same place you learned to spell cheepest I'll wager. Nuclear power is not the most efficient and certainly not the least expensive electricity producer! Without enormous taxpayer subsidies nuclear power is prohibitively expensive and extremely dangerous! Factor in the greenhouse gases, pollution and environmental degradation from the mining, processing and transportation of uranium [or other fuel] and factor in the multiple costs of reprocessing or storing the waste for 10,000 years! Unless you are willing to sign up your kids, grandkids and grand-grandkids for 1,000 generations to live next to or on top of the waste, keep your ridiculous nuclear fantasies to yourself! Google ifyoulovethisplanet.com if you want to inform yourself about the medical dangers of nuclear power and weapons. Wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and increasing efficiency are much more cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly- so get ready to get your wallet out pay for your pollution or switch to clean energy 'cause we're not going to take your crap anymore!


John FrykmanI am in complete aeeermgnt. That's step one then someone needs to teach these big corporate CEO's some morels and remind them that they wouldnot be where they are without the little guy at the bottom. You can't build a tower without a foundation to support it. They buy politicians to get what they want. The politicians buy them to get re elected. And the only interest that ether of them have in the rest of us is our money and our vote. There all blinded by greed.

Orange County Organic Farms

just wonder how the administration offers to to cut its $1.5 billion deficit.

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