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March 12, 2011



i have a 3 part solution. 1 i made a deisve that allows cars and trucks on diesel or gasoline to go 75% farther per gallon . the same deisve also reduced carbon polution 63%. this is working on 1500 cars and trucks now. president BUSH has one on his truck . and he loves it, he had people come out and test the deisve . i was told they agree on the figures . 2 i made a process that makes crude oil into a oil beads . this is to reduce carbon when cracked into gasoline or diesel. 43% less carbon polution with oil beads rather than raw crude. also better for transport . on oil spills and weight. 12% less weight. 3 a magnetic gel i made for better electric car batteries . i use nano with magnetic gel to reproduce voltage back into battery as it is working. a light signal thru gel causes a reaction some call electro magnatisum. a magnetic gel stater i made reproduce amps as fast as leaves battery. this is caused by the stater i made is electric. all housed in one battery. keeps on reproduce power every nano second. faster than you can use the battery. very good for electric cars / wind turbine / electric transport lines. that have the nano gel inside the line. increase power just from the lines to 53% more. thankyou

Wheel Balancing Weights

Green cars are the hope of the future! We should start spreading the news about this.

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