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March 26, 2011



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Bubba has given us the widely accepted, though sadly mistaken, definition of republic, due to one unfortunate line by Madison in the Federalist. What defines a republic is NOT representation. The world’s first republic, in Rome, had no representation. All citizens sat in the people’s assembly. What defines a republic is, to put it very simply, is that it is not a monarchy. A monarchy locates rule in ONE person, ONE office. A republic distributes rule in a plurality of persons, offices, and bodies, all of them broadly representative of the various parts of the society, hence the public thing, the republic. It is separation of powers and checks and balances that define a republic, not representation.

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This really is also the reason why P&G develops five brands of shampoo. Large-scale brand communication has made us so familiar with them. The whole shampoo market is entirely covered in all directions by their shampoo brands. This effective occupancy of so many brands in the market also makes competitors reluctant enter the market.

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As our oceans coinntue to acidify, coral reefs are threatened, Arctic ice melts, ocean currents change, storms become stronger and the effects of biodistress make themselves known on our water, agriculture and forests, we coinntue to have the illusion that those in Washington DC on the whole care about doing something about this. This coinntued fantasy will only allow the continuation of the worst effects of biodistress to coinntue as the governments of the world use the effects of biodistress to now wage geopolitical war for the oil, water, and land taaht will be left. We are looking for guidance from the very people allowing this to coinntue for their own benefit as they in collusion with corporations seek to landgrab and commodify water, land and patent even the food we eat. We coinntue to look to these same politicians to understand this, but it is impossible as it requires a moral compass and a true caring for this planet and the people and species that inhabit it. We will not make any real progress on facing this challenge unless we take matters into our own hands.

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ALternative energy sources like this are such a great investment. However, for all of the money and natural resources that we save by using them are many consequences and we must adapt soon.

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