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May 19, 2011


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toms shoes information ENVIRONMENTAL LEGAL BLOGS: When Will Science Get Serious about Global Cooling?


I usually don't write reiwevs on products, but this one deserved a good one. We just purchased this for my son's apartment which only has evaporative cooling (worthless in the desert during the monsoon). His place is a loft in an old brick warehouse poorly insulted, high ceilings. It was easy to install by venting through an old casement window (we used the attachments plus some foamboard and duct tape to seal an irregular opening). We all expected it to be loud but were very pleasantly surprised by how quietly it ran at full fan speed with the compressor on. Within 20 minutes the upstairs of the loft an area over 600 sq. ft. was much cooler in the area near the unit and noticebly cooler farther away. I expect it to do very well after running overnight. It's going to be up to 107 degrees and humid this week (humid for us is over 40%) so we'll see how it can deal with the worst that Tucson has to offer. Will update the review later this week (if I remember) but expect good performance based on what we've experienced so far.Also, with Prime, we ordered this yesterday and for $3.99 had it delivered overnight. It came from Washington State and arrived at 3pm all 110 pounds of it. Extremely well packaged.


My suggestion is alucatly read the article and look at their data, their conclusions are based on only a couple of years observation and they (National Academy of Science) admit they don't have the basic data to even ask the right questions. Re-look at their data, it shows temperatures are higher. There's a trend downward on temps, but overall they're higher. Think we might have gathered more knowledge, more data and from more source points since the 70s? You know, back when we thought dinosaurs were slow and drug their tails on the ground, and when a diagnosis of cancer (of any type) was a (quick) death sentence and the height of video games was Pong?We now have so much more data, and faster computers, that we can now see mega trends (much of the data used in this article has a limited sample range, that is only the northern hemisphere). The globe does go through periods of warming and cooling. That was a part of the original cooling warning. In 1975 we were two decades past the longest warming cycle known (and still known). This feed into their climate predictions leading them to see that the increased equitorial temps and periodic cooler temps in the northernm hemisphere signaled we were about to start the change. So we are now half a century out and still warming. This is the longest, and most intense warming cycle the world has known for the past million plus years (as far as we can see with tree-ring and ice-core date).As to how warming can cause freezing, it's possible that the increased fresh water from glacial melt can affect ocean currents (which provide much of the warmth outside the tropics). We're already seeing changes at the poles in these currents. If the Gulf Stream should shift (or close down) that would me colder temps for NW Europe and the East Coast of the US.


Global warming is a lie and Al Gore is a dumb whore. The Earth has been colonig since the mid to late 1960 s. We are tiny piss ants on this planet.More greenhouse gasses are belched from the smallest volcano eruption than man has EVER produced. It is a tool used by liberals to gain more power and to make you feel bad for using and doing things they say they don't but do anyway.Pollution is bad we should all recycle and try to use less and environmentally smarter chemicals, but anyone convinced that global warming is caused by man is a Deuce Find someone else to talk to.

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With billions more people to feed than ever before, mass starvation becomes a very real possibility in the case of large scale crop losses. All the modern technology in the world can’t make a bean stalk grow if the ground is frozen stiff.

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With the condition of our planet today. There are even more number of problems sprouting out in the open which are caused by environmental crisis.

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Yeah after all the Al Gore global warming talk it seems this is a crazy turn of events.


i've never heard of global cooling... how can scientists be proposing global warming and cooling at the same time?

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