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May 18, 2011



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Mars and Jupitor have such violent atrosphemes, I don't know how anyone who has not landed on the planet and lived their could tell they are going through climate change, or how anyone is going to make such silly assumptions based on a few extra storms.Talk about junk science .why are you people always siting it to deny what is going on, on this planet?


Whatever is causing cghanes on Jupiter must have begun many,many years ago. Jupiter is huge so cghanes happen very very slowly. Also, Jupiter gets very little radiation from our Sun. A minor change in our Sun's output would have little effect on Jupiter and if any effect was to be caused by our Sun on Jupiter would likely take centuries to have any effect. We just don't know what is happening on Jupiter. We have trouble enough understanding our own climate we actually live in.Mars ice caps routinely grow and shrink. It is not an unusual occurrence. We also don't know why?Any effect that would happen because of our Sun on Mars would likely have a ten fold reaction on our Earth. We get that much more energy, at least, from our Sun so the effect would have to be proportional.


Global warming is clearly on its fastest pace. This is very allarming! We should be ready to do some acts before it’s too late. I am a certified greenie. For me doing a little something for the planet counts a lot. If we really care for the plaet we should act now before it’s too late.

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With the condition of our planet today. There are even more number of problems sprouting out in the open which are caused by environmental crisis.

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