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June 01, 2011



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All of your videos exsope you as a collectivist. Not a free-market advocate. Therefore I consider you my enemy or foolish dupe of the left. Which is it?Besides the fact that I disagree with your biased, incomplete and twisted political loyalties, you do have good skills at video production. Too bad you cannot see the errors of your ways and come over the side of freedom and liberty for the individual. True freedom is not without its problems but it beats your communist style collectivism!


Yep, Rethugs hate? unions and hate rloaeutigns. Yet I wonder if they know they eat the same food we eat, drink the same water and fly the same airplanes we fly? I guess not..LOL Rethuglicans so ridiculous and dangerous.


as a republican, I beg to difefr.1: safety should be, more or less, insured, yes.? CHild labor is, in fact, more or less wrong.however, I happen to think that there should be more factories IN america, because outsourcing really isn't helping things -_- and, in that sense, yes, early 20th for the win.we might actually fucking have some jobs.

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