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June 15, 2011



magic the gathering shop ENVIRONMENTAL LEGAL BLOGS: Science News | Solar Flares | Sunspots


I have been using this ever since you posted it but haven't tnaekhd you. Thank you! I've memorized this and use it daily. I feel so smart when I can leave such a professional looking comment :)


Yup. Same thing happened with an Associated Press arlcite referenced on Geology.com. except in the opposite direction of the issue. This is a copy of a letter I sent to AP: To Associated Press -I was hoping to read an arlcite from AP titled "Climate Fears Kill Coal Plants" from November 16, 2008 listed on the Geology.com website, but the arlcite has been removed and a Google search shows no other source. Please help Thank you (my name)If you google it, (with capitalization letters in the title) that exact title shows up only one time but the page has been removed, no longer exists. Same problem Yahoo, many think is a part of the cabal of media organizations which deliberately withhold information or at least is influenced by some powerful organizations. Either they are a part, or are under some heavy pressure to bend too their will. Since some arlcites DO make it online for at least SOME time, it makes me think that they WANT the info out there, but are under some awful pressure. Point is, too, that Yahoo is, or was, financially on the rocks I t was bought recently and so is vulnerable to "financial persuasion", if you know what I mean

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"But scientists warn that the temperature change due to a decline in sunspot activity would likely be minimal and not enough to compensate for global warming."


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So much for "Global Warming"...

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