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July 15, 2011


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Mike-Secy of Energy Chu, an Obama man, is a big proponent of nukes. I would say in the USA leetifs are beginning to like nukes. Fukushima is very unfortunate, and bad timing to say the least. The good news is that there are several new nuke designs that will decrease risks, and we may even be able to build small nuke plants. I am all for that. You may assume I am a leftie as I lampoon our rampantly excessive military spending and overseas war follies. But I believe all our of federal agencies are zealots--when it comes to their own budgets and programs. You will never hear the Pentagon say, "Actually, the risk of anyone invading the USA has been falling for years. We have no serious military enemies, only a few terrorist punks." As for commenter Paul, he takes out of context remarks I make, or when I show flashes of being open-minded.For example, it is a fact that Far East nations have prospered following mercantile models. Does the government-and-business export model work? So far, it has for S Korea, Taiwan, and China. Japan is suffocating under tight money policies. I have noted that Great Britain spends half what we do on health care, and get roughly the same results. If I had to choose between what we have today, and the Brit model, I would go with their model. I would like to see if free enterprise models can work--but no one seems to really want that. They would have pulled the plug on Terri Schiavo years earlier in a free enterprise model. No money to keep her in a permanent coma. I support the minimum wage (which is lower now than in the 1960s, adjusted for inflation) as we prevent people from starting up their own small-capital businesses such jitneys, push-cart vendors, prostitution, recreational drug sales, speakeasies, front yard barbershops, pot growing etc. Give us real free markets (and I support that) and I drop the minimum wage.Pollution is an unintended consequence of modern-day free markets, and must be controlled. The price mechanism fails in this case. There are also the property rights of the polluted to consider. Paul thinks that makes me a leftie. Not really. I just see folly where it is.


Keep these articles coming as they've onpeed many new doors for me.


Too little, too late.

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