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July 13, 2011


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Given Sun's anti-used Sun equipment pocliies demonstrated in pricey recert fees to obtain Sun maintenance, or outrageous re-licensing fees to receive a valid Solaris license, I'm wondering how they can espose an eco-freindly corporate stance. These you didn't buy new from Sun penalties ultimately force end-users to scrap equipment that has useful life where they likely end up in a landfill. How does this contradictory behavior not concern legitimate eco friendly organizations?


Well, you are correct but what sistntices are saying (not the media and environmentalists who have ulterior motives) is that man-made pollution on Earth is causing the Earth to warm more then it would otherwise. How much more is the big question and sistntices are deeply divided on this with evidence pointing from minimal to substantial.I'm not sure if this is the way to do this but to answer Gary F's questions:1: All planets that we have been able to measure with enough accuracy are warming and we (scientists) assume all others are too.2: Energy does not reach the Earth immediately, there is a latency caused by the distance from the sun and the time needed for the full spectrum of energy to be partially transformed into infra-red energy through absorption and re-emission.3: There IS a very strong relationship between sunspots and Earth heating but you'll have to delve into astrophysical journals to get the details. Simply stated, the sun spot cycle and the Earth heating cycle are not in phase (again, due to the time lag between hotter sun and hotter Earth) but the relationship correlates.


I thought everyone believed in this theory? Surprise.

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